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2012 KBK membership dues are due January 2012.
  Kodomo Bugei Kai was formed in 2000 by Kyoshi Richy Huneycutt, Shihan Barry Huneycutt, both of Stroud’s School of Martial Arts of Kinston , NC and Sensei Guy Beech and Sensei Monique Burton of Kaigan School of Martial Arts in Wilmington, NC.  
  Kodomo Bugei Kai means Children Association meaning that we are all children of the martial arts. Like children, we are growing in our training as martial arts striving to be the best physically and spiritually in the arts.  
  The purpose of the organization is:
- to serve as a network for martial arts of all styles;
- to promote better understanding among martial artists; and,
- to support the membership and affiliated schools without having jurisdiction or authority over said schools.
  KBK, Inc. is an independent organization dedicated to supporting its affiliated instructors, members, schools, and students. Its focus centers on:
- Providing certificates of rank
- Recognizing achievements
- Certifying membership
  The KBK Inc. Board of Directors serves in an advising capacity to membership schools providing training opportunities and promoting said schools.
Membership in KBK, Inc. is open to any person or group regardless of race, sex, creed, religion, national origin, or martial arts affiliation. The organization is self-governing and nonpartisan.
KBK, Inc. Board of Directors :
Hanshi Lemuel Stroud
Kyoshi Richy Huneycutt
Shihan Barry Huneycutt
Renshi Marshall "Jay" Barker





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